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about cyndy...

animal communicator & intuitive counselor...

When her beloved Spud, a Boston Terrier, fell ill and passed away, Cyndy had profound experiences, which catapulted her into the world of animal communication and healing work. Mackie, Cyndy’s other sweet Boston Terrier, gave Cyndy the nudge to develop her animal communication skills.  Being western

medicine-trained and a natural skeptic, she confirmed her experiences with world renown clairvoyant James Van Praagh, and immediately began studying with him for several years, leading her on an insightful spiritual journey.


To facilitate emotional and physical healing, Cyndy helps people and animals to tap into their own inner wisdom and consciousness, releasing limiting patterns and beliefs about their bodies and experiences.  She provides and teaches practical tools to easily access your own inner wisdom and move through your life with greater ease.  Working with your animals in the same fashion, she brings in communication they need, plus shares what they want you to know in order to live a happier and more conscious life.


As part of her consulting, she offers a simple, quick four-step technique to help you release limiting patterns and beliefs, which addresses repeating problems in your life and specifically what is holding you back.  This process also helps you identify what the relationship with your animals represents to facilitate healing deep core issues that haven't yet moved out of your life.  She works with Source energy, Guides and Angels to help the healing process so you and your animal can experience a more joyful and consciously aware life together.  Ultimately Cyndy’s work cultivates human and animal potential.


Cyndy combines mind quieting, energy healing and emotional body training, life experiences with animals plus training with three notable spiritual teachers who taught her to first experience her own self healing before working with others. It is with over 15 years of study, experience and work in Cyndy’s life that has brought her to discover unconditional love. She is able to:


•  Address behavior challenges

•  Comfort sick or injured animals

•  Introduce new pets & help them acclimate to your home

•  Offer meaningful feedback about your foster pets

•  Offer individual energy work with you to help release limiting patterns, beliefs and blocks


Consultations with Cyndy are available by email, Skype and telephone for people and their animals.

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