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All services can be done conveniently at your location by skype or phone.

animal communication

animal communication ~


A reading with you and your animal:


Animal Communication is going on all day long in your household!  You know this or you wouldn’t even be looking for guidance on this site!  You are right by the way and you can learn how to connect even more personally with your pet.  Not only do they want you to “talk” with them and “listen” to them, they want to tell you a few things too!  Cyndy can help connect the two of you so you can learn together what is going on with their behavior, how they are feeling physically and what they need from you to feel more safe and comfortable. Cyndy’s work not only connects with your animal's soul or higher self, she also connects with your higher self in concert to achieve this communication for the two of you.  She can also help you and your animal in the most sensitive time of “end of physical life” and what your animal may need to pass over.


The communication between you and your animal will strengthen your bond and the fun between you!

60-minute session $120

90-minute session $150

intuitive counseling
intuitive counseling ~

Intuitive consult for you:  


Cyndy is able to help guide you to find your inner core blocks that are keeping your life out of balance and harmony.  These blocks are causing patterns over and over again in your life due to conditioning.  These beliefs that we create usually originates in our childhood or pivotal experiences in our adult life.  Don’t feel alone, we ALL have this in our being and we hold these beliefs in our cells.  Cyndy can help you release these gently and with guided awareness to help you navigate your life with greater ease.  With conversation and guidance through a four step process, Cyndy can walk you through your own personal healing and awareness of what is blocking you in whether it’s relationships, abundance, or health.  You will learn to use these tools to empower yourself on your own as you see your own healing and progress daily.

60-minute session $120

90-minute session $150

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