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Read some stories about Cyndy's work...


Sol ~


Cairo crossed to the Bridge this winter. I felt devastated and misunderstood by the people around me… until I met Cyndy and had the great pleasure to talk with her about my feelings. Above all, I would like to say that I felt peaceful, at last. Cyndy understood my pain, gave me precious advice and was there when I needed to talk. She is so goodhearted, her words so warm, and even if you need to cry, she knows how to soothe you and make you feel better. I would recommend Cyndy to anybody who is hurting because of the loss of a beloved Furbaby, she will show you the path to light.

Sandra ~

Livermore, CA

I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Cyndy when my precious hound was missing.


Our dog, Jillie, was let out by the plumber while we were all at work and school. I received the dreaded phone call and rushed home as fast as I could. That is when the frantic search began. My boys who are 10 and 11 (they have never known life without Jillie) began creating flyers with the neighbor and scootered around the neighborhood putting them up everywhere. My husband, my daughter and myself walked through the neighborhood calling her name, talking to everyone, calling all the shelters. It was finally too dark and we had to stop for the night.


The next day we repeated the same process with no luck. I added Jillie to all the possible social media sights and total strangers came to my house to help with the search. It is so amazing how kind and caring people can be in times of need. They searched different areas, repeated areas we had already searched and even put up more flyers. Also, one of my dear friends came to help me with the search and later called me to say she'd like to offer up her pet physic to me. I had a session with Cyndy and she was able to connect with Jillie. She told Cyndy she was scared and couldn't find her way home. When Cyndy asked her to tell us where she was, she replied "Isn't that your job?" Oh my sweet hound has a sense of humor. She did tell her she was near a white wall or sign and was being kept company by an orange cat. So, the search went on. We tried to send out the message to Jillie that the house was safe and we were waiting for her to return.


The search went on for a total of 3 more days. Our hearts were dying. We missed our baby girl so much. I received a text from Cyndy saying to envision the fun we were going to have when Jillie returned, picture what we were going to do with her. This made total sense, we had been so upset that we were only focusing on the negative feelings, we needed to focus on our end result of return.


On the 4th day around, 2:30, we received a phone call from a woman who was screaming "Jillie, I see your dog Jillie!"  She gave us her location and I literally ran out the door. My more clearly headed husband took the car. My husband found the lady and the location of our Jillie. She was hiding in the bushes in front of the woman's house. The woman had a blue house with a white garage door and an orange cat.


We could not have been more joyous. The entire family and our neighbors were crying, hugging our Jillie and the lady who called! I do not believe we could have done this without the help from Cyndy. She knew what Jillie needed and if we had not made this contact we would have struggled to come to understand how we needed to help her come home.

Kim ~

Los Gatos, CA

My 3-year-old cats, Cleo and Bond grew up quickly and then started putting on weight. Cleo was one pound overweight, but Bond was 3 pounds overweight! Bond was also becoming lethargic and sleeping all the time, not playing, etc. So I enlisted the help of Cyndy, whom I knew had a special relationship with animals.


We organized a time when we could be on the phone together and I would be with the cats.  Cyndy quickly ‘merged’ with the cats and immediately started communicating with Bond, in particular. Cleo, it seemed, was not interested in the outcome of the conversation.


It took a little while for Bond to trust Cyndy, but ultimately she found out that Bond was ‘starving’ all the time. He simply could not get satisfied, or even feel full, with the food we were giving him. So based on that we changed their cat food and they are both losing weight and very perky again! Thanks Cyndy for a quick and very fun session with my cat family and I.

Jennifer ~

South Carolina

Cyndy has an incredible and profound natural gift for tapping in and not only communicating with animals, but being able to innately understand what their needs are in the moment. Her specialty and great love are dogs (especially Boston Terriers and Pugs!), but at a critical juncture for me, she tuned into my cat on the spot- who was very far away from me at the time- to ascertain if I needed to hop on an emergency flight back home. (Vets weren't open at this time during holidays, and what mine was going through wasn't easily decipherable).


Believe me, at one point I thought perhaps I was losing my mind to pay over $1K on Christmas eve for a last minute one-way flight from Asia to the U.S. based on something an "animal communicator" was telling me about my fur-child, with no (at yet) verifiable evidence!! However, when Cyndy started relaying certain things from my cat's point of view, as if channeling her wishes, even in attitude and tone... after 22 years living with this animal, I just knew there was truth there. What's more, when I did make the decision to return to the states on that emergency trip, the vet verified every one of the physical symptoms Cyndy picked up on remotely, and said I was very 'lucky' that my cat waited for me so we could have that precious time together, having been so close these many years.


I am immensely grateful for Cyndy's sharp and unmistakable communication with my beloved kitty, which prompted my timely return, and gave me that most treasured gift before my dearest one made her transition. I highly encourage anyone who has the need or desire to understand more fully what their animal's needs are to reach out to Cyndy, as she has such a beautiful way of making the process clearer and gentler, with more understanding and peace. After witnessing Cyndy do this with my most precious fur-child, I'm convinced it is her true calling in this lifetime!

Alaya ~

Sacramento, CA

Cyndy is a gifted healer and has a deeply profound connection with all animals. Her ability to speak with them is absolutely amazing,  and she can do so in a way that has such compassion and love that the animal will open up and feel safe and comforted, and will communicate what is truly needing to be communicated as well as allow any healing that needs to take place to occur. Cyndy recently worked with my mini horse Amy and miracles occurred for both Amy's physical and emotional well being as well as for my own.  I give Cyndy the highest recommendation for working with and healing animals :)


Cyndy has also helped with with a miracle with a new dog I adopted. He had severe anxiety and PTSD and would destroy my house over and over, in ways that were unbelieveable. Cyndy worked with him, and his destructive behavior stopped. Also, I received very important healing for myself from the sessions with my dog as well, what I would say were life saving messages from my guides and Creator. Cyndy has a truly amazing gift of healing animals and their owners and I am incredibly, incredibly grateful for her services and how she has helped both my animals and myself.

Maeve ~

Bay Area, CA

Our family was most fortunate to have our soft coated wheaten terrier Joey live with us for 13 years.  We welcomed Joey as a puppy on my son’s 11th birthday.  Joey was diagnosed with lymphoma six years later. The vet said chemo might extend his life a few months only.  My son was away and to keep Joey alive until he came home, we decided to try the chemo. He returned to care for Joey who got sicker and sicker. I learned about Cyndy and reached out and accepted her proposal to do an energy healing session for Joey.  Later, the debrief of what she experienced and accomplished during the session left me feeling so much better and hopeful.  The chemo treatment was nightmarish. After a secondary infection set in, we brought a weak, feverish Joey home and stopped the treatment.  Joey recovered, which was marvelous and mysterious. I was profoundly grateful to Cyndy. Following Cyndy’s directions and encouragement, I continued to convey love and healing grace when I was with Joey.  All of us were thrilled that Joey remained the source of unconditional love to each one of us until we recently said good-bye. 

Heidi ~

Livermore, CA

When my family and I decided to get a second dog after having our first rescue (Cassie) for 7 years, we were excited!  We knew we wanted a Greyhound as we had 2 Greyhound's many years back before my husband and I had kids and loved them.  We reached out to Amazing Grey's in Tracy and were blessed to rescue a black 70 lb. female named Magnolia (aka Maggie).  The meet and greet between Cassie and Maggie went well and we were positive about a great connection.


When Magnolia was brought to our home I was expecting bliss as the meet and greet in Tracy went so well.  What I did not expect was that Cassie "dialed up" her alpha position in the pack and wanted nothing to do with Maggie.  Cassie was so angry and her behavior upset our entire family as none of us knew when a dog fight was going to break out.  Quickly we called a dog trainer to come over to help us understand and help the situation between the two girls.  While the trainer taught us a solid foundation of commands and showed us how to display our alpha position over both dogs, our issue still remained.  This is when I reached out to Cyndy.


Cyndy helped our family understand what was going on in the minds of both dogs and got very specific as to what both dogs needed.  Cassie needed to know that she was still number one, even though there was a new friend in the house.  Maggie was happy to be in the number two position, she just wanted to be cuddled and loved.  Once both dogs knew that I had an understanding of their specific needs and I knew what I needed to say to them to reassure them, the aggressiveness they were displaying went from a 10 + to a 3 immediately.  It took an additional month to do the homework Cyndy gave us to take the aggressive behavior down to a zero which was a rewarding process for both dogs and for our family.  


I called Cyndy a second time for Maggie's sudden urinating issue that cropped up while we were on vacation for a week.  My cousin stayed at the house to take care of the dogs while we were gone.  What I learned from Cyndy was that Maggie peed while we were gone to protect our family.  She was "shocked" that we up and left and she had no idea where we had gone to, so she went into protection mode.  After we returned, Maggie peed 3 more times a few weeks later and I was about to lose my mind.  What I learned is that Maggie still had anxiety over wondering when I left the house if I would come back, or would a stranger come back.  Once Cyndy did a healing on Maggie, and I understood that she needed to know each time I was leaving when I would be back, that did the trick.  No more urination.  My carpet cleaner made a killing off of me that month ;-)


I highly recommend Cyndy for her amazing ability to connect into the hearts of animals and to provide a more intimate and richer relationship with your pet.

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