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I want to help you remember what you may have forgotten about yourself. What if you do not currently have an animal in your life? You don't necessarily need to have an animal in your life right now to work with me. You can book a session for yourself and discover several tools that may help you to release triggers and repeating patterns that keep showing up in your life. If you share you life with animals be aware that they are most likely mirroring for you those nagging beliefs you may want to release. This is their "gift" to you. There is usually a parallel that shows up in my work with you and your animal. Let's find out what your animals want you to know!


A little bit about me. I graduated with a B.A. in Psychology. I wanted to be a surgical nurse, a veterinarian or a cartoonist when I was a little girl! Growing up my dad use to ask me to "GO talk with the dog". Funny enough I know now that he needed a break from my childlike ability to talk non-stop. So, I did exactly what he told me to do! I will admit it, I was a chatterbox! I easily connected to animals. I thought everyone else could too. All too often, as we grow up, life becomes very busy and somewhat crazy and confusing for us to navigate? Right? Right!! We all tend to forget "who we really are" as we try our best to figure out how to "function" in society, specific cultures, our world not to mention our families, schools or neighborhoods. As far as I was concerned, communicating with animals was as natural as breathing. I never forgot that! It remains my "joy" in life. I was in my mid-forties when a very special pet of mine gave me an unexpected wake up call by asking me to realize, remember and study about a wondrous world that exists beyond what I was experiencing daily as an adult. This wake up call reminded me of what I knew when I was a child. We all knew these things when we were children. Animals know and live this. We can learn from them! I am here to help you "hear them" and talk with them on a deeper level.


We all desire communication. "Life" shows up in all of our relationships. Now it's about the process and that powerful question, "how are we showing up in our lives" and how often are we saying "Yes" to life?

welcome, continued!
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