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- by connecting you to your higher wisdom -
 about Cyndy 

When her beloved Spud, a Boston Terrier, fell ill and passed away, Cyndy had profound experiences, which catapulted her into the world of animal communication and healing work. {read more}


Our animals are here to "share" their lives with us. We love it, don't we! Did you know that is only "one" of the many reasons they share this earth with us. We can learn more about them and ourselves as we learn to communicate with them daily.

One thing for sure, they can effortlessly give us unconditional joy and love. They are here to challenge us too! I know you didn't want to hear that, but it is true! I know you are nodding your heads in agreement. Obviously, they aren't here "just" to make a difference in our lives, they are here for their own purpose and in concert with the needs of the earth herself. 


Let's find out more about them when we work together and in the process you may find out more about yourself. We can easily get closer to finding our purpose as we get to know ourselves better. We know that we can achieve this through our relationships with other people, life's experiences and our animals. But did you know that you innately have all the power and resources to find answers to your questions for yourself ? All you need is a little guidance. {read more}

What can I help you with?

Do you have a pet or animal who is acting out or aggressively?  Perhaps you've noticed your pet has had a dramatic and sudden personality change, and not for the better? {read more}

Are you feeling anxious, chronically worried or stuck in a pattern you've never been able to get out of?  Sometimes our soul spirit... {read more}

 Cyndy's favorite resources 
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